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Special moments don’t come very often in life, which is why we need to cherish them when they do come along

Coins - The Wedding Favour Coins


After years of hard work and dedication the big day has finally arrived. Show them how proud you are and commemorate this great achievement with a special memento they will cherish forever.
Coins - The Wedding Favour Coins

Newborn Gift

A special gift for a special new arrival. The bespoke birth coin makes a beautiful gift for new parents because it will always remind them of the day they first laid their eyes on their perfect little bundle of joy.
Coins - The Wedding Favour Coins


Maybe your daughter is having her sweet sixteen party this year or your brother is finally feeling like an adult on his 30th birthday or maybe your grandmother is turning 90 in a couple of months. Celebrate a special someones birthday with this unique gift.
Coins - The Wedding Favour Coins


Another year has passed and you’re still in love just like you were on your wedding day. 
It doesn’t have to be the 25th anniversary to gift something silver or the 50th to give something in gold. Make this year special by capturing all the wonderful years spent together in a small token of love.